Who believes in you?


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In my last post I talked about believing in yourself.  Since you are the one that makes decisions about what you do and how far you are willing to push yourself.   Today lets focus on who believes in you.  Do you have a friend or relative that you talk to just about anything?  Some one that is going to hear you out and not criticize you about what you are thinking of doing or have done.  Some one that helps to motivate you and gives you honest non-judgmental feedback.  If you don’t, now is time to keep your eyes and ears open for someone just like that.  If you have someone like that in your life…  Cherish them!

I will say this time and time again words are very powerful. What you need to hear are words of encouragement when you are trying something hard or new.  Words have the power to help to motivate you or to stop you in your tracks.

In 2013 I took a good look at my life and started making needed changes. One of the first changes was to start believing in myself more and stopping the negative self talk.  Once I started believing in myself and taking better care of myself, I started paying more attention to what other people said to me and how they treated me.  I did my best to gracefully bow out of relationships in my life where people were not giving me the positive feedback that I needed. I started to find and spend more time with people that were accepting of me, genuinely care about me and lifted my spirits.   That helped me feel good about myself and to help me move on to the next step.

Do you want help to reach your goals?  Find someone to help support you when you are down or feeling like giving up, someone that you feel comfortable bouncing ideas off of, someone that you feel comfortable going to speak to.

Most importantly…  Believe in yourself and others will follow suit, if you are unable to find supportive people in your life at this time don’t fret.  What’s important is that you do your best with what you have been given.

I’d love to hear more from you and people that you have in your life that believe in you and how they show it.

Get started on your journey to reaching your goals.  You can do it, I believe in you!


High Priority! Believe in yourself…


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One of the most important things to remember is to believe in yourself.  If you tried to do something before and failed at it and are coming back to try it again in different ways until you are successful, WAY TO GO!  

Struggling now makes the end result that much sweeter because you worked hard to get to a goal and it gives you a greater sense of accomplishment than something that you didn’t have to work for.  That’s how you get to your goals, you may fall a lot of times but its all about learning from your past mistakes, getting back up, and pushing a little further the next time, that will make you successful.  

When I say learning from your past mistakes I do not mean beating yourself up about why you were not successful.  When we are not able to accomplish our goals we start to beat ourselves up and start negative talk.  Get rid of the negative self-talk.  “I can’t do that”, “I couldn’t do it before…”, “I don’t like to diet”, “I’m just big boned”, “I don’t like to exercise”, “it’s too hard”.  Words are very powerful whether they are spoken or thought.  We have the power to motivate ourselves and push ourselves a little further or to stop the whole process in its tracks.  

Believing that you can do it makes you act like you can do it and when you act like you can do it you start modeling the behaviors of what you believe.  The same stands for if you tell yourself you can’t do it, you are less likely to put forth effort to reach that goal.  

Start thinking back to what made you successful the prior times or a time you felt successful at something, it doesn’t have to be about your current goal.  What have you tried to do in the past that you have had success in, was it a difficult class that you managed to pass?  Remember what you thought?  “Wow! I can do this!”, “why did I ever doubt myself?”, “I finally made it!”, “what was I waiting for?”.

Think back to the times that you were successful at anything and start to envision yourself feeling that way about reaching your present goal.  Imagine yourself being thinner, non-smoker, non-drinker, healthier … and then start acting like it!

I’d really like to hear from you.  What are some examples of times you have been successful at something?  How did that make you feel?

Update!  New blog at wait2goal.com its called weight 2 goal and talks about what I’m doing now to continue my weight loss.  I talk to you about a book that helped me to get started believing in myself in my advertisements page, follow me, like me, leave a reply.

3 most effective places to post reminders


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So far we have been talking about setting your goals and writing them down and writing down the reasons why you want to reach your goal.  For me I finally had a wake up call.  My blood work was coming back out of control, I was not feeling good on a regular basis.  My sugar was high, my good cholesterol way down, my bad cholesterol way up…  just to mention a few of the labs that I had gotten back.  Scary.  I learned a lot throughout my journey and I’m going to do my best to share what I can with you to help make you just as successful.

When I finally sat down and wrote down my list of reasons why I wanted to lose weight I put it down in a note book.  That’s a great start because once you have written something down you sort of commit to it and are more likely to do it.  The next step is to be able to see your reminders because I have found the old saying of “out of sight out of mind” to be so true.  What you want to do is you want to put your reminder somewhere you will most likely be when you need to remember.  The 3 places that were most effective for me were:

1. Mirrors

The bathroom mirror is among the top three because you visit the bathroom often during the day.  It is well lit and you have to stop to use the toilet, you have to stop to wash your hands.  So the more exposure you can have to your needed reminders, the better.  Put up a board that you can post things to at eye level when you are sitting on the toilet or put sticky notes on the mirror.  A great way to start off the day is with some direction or purpose to that day.  Keeping reminders in your bedroom on a mirror is a great place to start the day.

2. Computer Screen

I use my computer for everything…. Just about.  When I have something to remember I will either draw up a quick note on my computer or do things the old fashion way by using a sticky note on the side of my computer screen.  When I need a reminder or some added encouragement I just need to glance up.

3. Depends on the goal

The third spot is dependent on the goal.  If your goal is to lose weight and I know I have a hard time staying away from the fridge then the best place would be to put the reminder on the refrigerator door.  If you are trying to quit smoking then the best place to put your reminder in my opinion is on top of or in your cigarette pack, so on and so forth.

Hope this information helps you get started off on the right foot and successful in the long run.

UPDATE:  I have just started running and am on week 2 day 2.  Getting ready to go right now.  I have to say I have never in my life thought of myself as a runner and am surprised at how much I am enjoying it.  I’m working on starting a new blog on my website wait2goal.com and the blog is going to be called weight 2 goal.  I can’t wait to tell you more!

Thanks so much for reading and following me!  Please take a moment to leave a comment to tell us where are the best places you have found to post reminders.



Creative ideas for making lists


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You will find lists to be very helpful throughout your journey. They serve as reminders, help you keep track of things to do, plan things to do, and also serve as a way to keep track of your progress.
You can write each item down on a sticky note or write it directly on a board, in a note book, or calendar. You can add color to your lists by highlighting content. You can print it out, use pen, pencil, markers, or even crayons.
You can get very creative and use pictures in your list. With our computers nowadays we can make just about anything. Take pictures, cut them from magazines.
There is something about the power of the written word/pictures. It gets your mind prepared for what’s to come. If you write things down you will notice you will get more things done that you say you are going to do.
When you are learning something new or difficult it’s always good to have a reference.
That’s why you want to write it all down. Your long term goals, your reasons why you want them, and the next steps to take to get you closer to your goal. Then you will have something to reference when life gets busy or you forget something.
What are other creative ways you can think of making lists? Leave a reply below.

Coming up next… Best places to display reminders!

Thanks for reading have a great week!

Helpful reminder: When you are tempted to quit


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Hello all! If you have been reading my blog and coming back to read more…  Thank you!  Wait 2 goal is about doing less of things that are hard to quit. Such as eating less, smoking less, and drinking less.  I’m here to try to give you as much helpful information as possible, and make you as successful as I was with my weight loss.

Since bad habits take time to build up they will take time to change to better habits for better outcomes.  How long it takes all depends on your motivation, and persistence.  That’s when writing down the reasons why you want to do anything is so important.  Especially, if it’s something you struggle with.  There are going to be times you are presented with difficult choices  to make.  It’s good to have a written reminder of why you want to do something or not.

When I first started on my goal to losing weight I started writing down why I wanted to ( and needed to) lose weight. These are your reminders and will ultimately serve as your motivators for times when you forget why you started doing all this in the first place.  I had those moments, but taking a glance at my list of reasons for my goal helped me through those rough moments.

Be prepared for the next time, when you are having a bad day or even a good day, and you start asking yourself  “Why am I doing this?”.  If you have a list you will remember why and keep up the good work.  Write your list of why’s today!

Next week… I will go over creative ways to write and use lists!

Have a great week!

Getting started… Step 2: Identifying the ‘Why’


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Gotta start somewhere, right? Gotta move instead of standing still to get from one point to another. A famous quote that comes to mind is…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” by Lao-tzu (chinese philosopher and poet).

If you read my last post you already did just that. You took the first step. You identified the problem. What do you want to do less of? Be it smoking, drinking, eating or (insert your what here)…

Now to the next step. Ask yourself why. What are the reasons why you want to lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking…

Write a list of the reasons why want what you want down on a piece of paper, make a list.

I’d like to hear from you and the reasons why you want to lose weight or to quit smoking or to stop drinking.  Leave a comment.

This week,  the reason why its so important to write your reasons for wanting something down and different ideas on how to do it.

Have a Great Weekend!


Wait2Goals purpose.


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The purpose of Wait2Goal

2013 was an amazing year for me and during that year I came upon a realization of what to do differently and why.  I built an action plan that helped me to shed those unwanted pounds that I have carried around with me and struggled with my whole life. I learned to look at things differently. Now, of course, I spent years looking for the right methods, following fad diets, exercising and then just giving up. I finally found something that works for me and am passionate about sharing this information with others to help them achieve their goals!

Are you overweight? Are you obese? Are you morbidly obese? Are you interested in losing weight? Are you having a hard time losing weight? Are you having a hard time sticking to a new diet?

Sometimes we can have problems with our bodies because of excess weight. So are you having problems with your blood sugar? Are you having problems with your blood pressure? Do you get REALLY tired and sleepy after eating?

Wait2goal can be applied to pretty much anything that you are trying to do less of and eventually stop. Are you having problems stopping smoking? Are you having problems quitting drinking?

Are you ready to start saying no to as many of the prior questions as possible? Then please start following me, share my posts with others that also want help, and let me know your thoughts. I’d like this to be as interactive as possible and look forward to getting feedback from everyone (akismet is really strict so please look at the rules before sending anything, I can’t see the captured comments).

You may email me at contact@wait2goal.com with any questions you may have, I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

So with that said… Are you ready to learn more about how to wait 2 goal? Please continue to visit me go read more about how  to work towards your goals.

The question that I’d like to leave you all with today is… What do you want to do less of?

Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Hello World! About me.


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Hello world! Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and tomorrow I will post what my blog is going to be about… (HINT: The title kind of gives it away…)

About Me:

Mery Tekster / Merry Tekster / MTekster / Mery

I have always gravitated towards computers and I like math (especially algebra). I’m always quick to learn shortcuts when I remember that if I need it, it must exist. So I will F1 or ‘Google it’, which is so cool because you can learn just about anything. I’m very interested in becoming a programmer.

I’d really like to be the one coming up with the shortcuts, ‘fixing’ things when they don’t work, tweaking them to work the way I’d like them to, making them work better, or even build them from scratch (if I can’t find it already made). I make instructional tools at work all the time for my coworkers that are not computer savvy and people come to me or are referred to me for help. I like helping people get the hang of using things.

I have, so far, dabbled in some of the free sites to help me to learn coding. I’ve learned basic HTML and CSS when I have had free time. I’m sort of stuck as to what direction to go in right now so I plan to do what I know best. Go back to school for a computer science degree (although I’d much rather just learn remotely and then of course work remotely). I welcome any and all advice all of you are willing to give.  Please take some time to contact me (see form below).

I’d like to blog, while creating an eBook, and build a website at the same time. So, here goes!  Thank you for reading my blog and following me through this amazing journey. Enjoy!

More to come tomorrow!

Mery Tekster