About Mery Tekster

I’ve always been a little heavier than most and struggled with my weight my whole life. I have grown up and learned much from failing and getting back up.

I went from a body mass index (a measure of percentage of body fat based on height and weight) of 34.6 (Obese) at my heaviest to 24.2 (within normal range) at present. (update 8/15/14 current BMI 21.9)

I feel great!  It’s easier to move around, I’m more comfortable in my clothes, I can get to the top of the stairs without being out of breath.  I’m still losing weight so I’m holding off on going shopping until I really have to (update 7/21- getting size small clothes now a little at a time), or reached my goal weight(a BMI of around 22).  The compliments on the weight loss feel awesome too!

People are always asking me how I lost the weight. So I decided to make an eBook and someone suggested I should blog about it too.  I’m also starting a website.  There I will talk about the resources I have used and resources I have seen used that I really believe in and connect you to them.

I’d really like this to become interactive and hear from people that read my posts.  Any questions, comments, or suggestions? (Update 7/21- thanks to Akismet most spam has been stopped, unfortunately I have tried everything to make sure that it’s not spam but am unable read anything at this time, not even the HAM) Contact me at contact@wait2goal.Com.

I have more about me information on my site wait2goal.com. Please visit often to see updates!

Feel free to contact me.  Good luck to you on your journey and thank you for following me on my journey.



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