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I decided to take my site weight2goal.com in a direction that I had only thought of momentarily before.  I’m going to build a membership website where I will have drip content, have a members support forum, and provide options for personalized coaching (email or phone).  The material I will use will be from my initial posts on this blog.  After the getting started phase, I will teach you how to get to your goal weight.

A membership website will help me to reach many people at the same time and let me actively work with those that need more help.
I want to help as many people as possible and I have so many ideas of different things I can teach others.  I’d like to be available to coach others to acheive their fullest potential.  The one thing that I feel most confident in showing you is how to get to your weight goal and even surpassing it, like I have mine.  I believe you can use my goal setting tips for anything even quitting smoking if you wanted.

I will be available in the evenings to answer questions by email from the hours of 6-10 M-F EST.
EMAIL: contact@wait2goal.com. Please let me know what goal you are working towards, what frequency of contact you are looking for(email, phone,weekly,monthly).

Still working on the pricing details. (Some coaches charge a monthly retainer from 300-1000/mo). I’m looking for people to help me gain experience, and build material that I will use in my future work so I’m going to be starting at less while you help me help you move forward. Please contact me for rates. Rates will vary on your needs. Weekly, monthly, phone or email. I’m open to suggestions.

What I will be teaching you.
I will teach you how look at yourself differently, body and all, and to accept yourself.

I will teach you how to work with slip ups or even how to work them into your life.  Planned slip ups… Kinda takes the fun or of it right?  Not really.

I will teach you how to look at food differently.  I will show you all of the uses different foods have in our present everyday lives.

I will teach you how to get the most use from the foods you eat and how to use them when you are hungry.

About me
I have already been able to help more than a few people reduce their weight and move closer to other goals.  

I have surpassed my own goal without struggling and I want to help you all do the same. 

I tell you a little more about myself on my website Wait2goal.Com.  I am currently doing this part-time and would love the opportunity to reach as many people as possible by doing this full time.

Show your support of my work.
If you  like my work please show your support.  Support can take various forms.  You can help by sharing my work with others you think I might be able to help, liking my work, leaving thoughtful comments, following me, coming back to see what’s new, visiting my website wait2goal.com, any suggestions for improvement, by signing up for a membership once my new site (weight2goal.com) is up and running, and by showing your support now.

Please visit my website wait2goal.com and see the options that are available for showing your support for my new membership website and my present work.  The proceeds will go to towards the upgrading of my current website to bring better flow and courses that will help me to learn how to bring the best out of you.

This is new for me and whatever suggestions you have for me right now would be greatly appreciated!

Email me at contact@wait2goal.com