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One of the most important things in life is having faith to fall back on.  Many studies show that people who are religious are more likely to be happier and to have less worries than people that don’t follow any religion.  

I have to say that I have had to deal with a lot of things in my life (which is peanuts compared to others lives, but still a lot to me).  Once I learned to put my trust and worries in God’s hands my life became much better, my stress level came down.  I became less anxious and started trusting that God has my best interests in mind and that everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad.  

As much as we want to be in control of our surroundings and our happenings there are just some things that are out of our control.  That’s when being able to put your worries in a higher power and trusting that it will all come out all right becomes very important.

Today I want to encourage you to find a faith, whether it be through religion or just starting a personal conversation with a higher power.  Ask for guidance and most of all ask for peace in your heart.  Religion has been my saving grace in my life and hopefully it can be a saving grace in yours. 

Again thank you for reading, liking, following me and to everyone in my life for all your support.  You have made a great difference in my life and I want to thank you with all my heart.  

I love to hear from readers such as yourself.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and hearing your thoughts regarding having faith in your life.  

Please let us know how has having Faith affected you , your life and those around you?


UPDATE!  I’m still working on getting my website (wait2goal.com) up the way I want it, I’ve been working on trying to get advertising up and keeping updates as to the happenings of the site.  My next steps will be to move the updates to an updates page and start adding more content.  The ebook is being written every time I post and of course I will make it meatier to give you more content when it does come out.