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You will find lists to be very helpful throughout your journey. They serve as reminders, help you keep track of things to do, plan things to do, and also serve as a way to keep track of your progress.
You can write each item down on a sticky note or write it directly on a board, in a note book, or calendar. You can add color to your lists by highlighting content. You can print it out, use pen, pencil, markers, or even crayons.
You can get very creative and use pictures in your list. With our computers nowadays we can make just about anything. Take pictures, cut them from magazines.
There is something about the power of the written word/pictures. It gets your mind prepared for what’s to come. If you write things down you will notice you will get more things done that you say you are going to do.
When you are learning something new or difficult it’s always good to have a reference.
That’s why you want to write it all down. Your long term goals, your reasons why you want them, and the next steps to take to get you closer to your goal. Then you will have something to reference when life gets busy or you forget something.
What are other creative ways you can think of making lists? Leave a reply below.

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