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Hello world! Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and tomorrow I will post what my blog is going to be about… (HINT: The title kind of gives it away…)

About Me:

Mery Tekster / Merry Tekster / MTekster / Mery

I have always gravitated towards computers and I like math (especially algebra). I’m always quick to learn shortcuts when I remember that if I need it, it must exist. So I will F1 or ‘Google it’, which is so cool because you can learn just about anything. I’m very interested in becoming a programmer.

I’d really like to be the one coming up with the shortcuts, ‘fixing’ things when they don’t work, tweaking them to work the way I’d like them to, making them work better, or even build them from scratch (if I can’t find it already made). I make instructional tools at work all the time for my coworkers that are not computer savvy and people come to me or are referred to me for help. I like helping people get the hang of using things.

I have, so far, dabbled in some of the free sites to help me to learn coding. I’ve learned basic HTML and CSS when I have had free time. I’m sort of stuck as to what direction to go in right now so I plan to do what I know best. Go back to school for a computer science degree (although I’d much rather just learn remotely and then of course work remotely). I welcome any and all advice all of you are willing to give.  Please take some time to contact me (see form below).

I’d like to blog, while creating an eBook, and build a website at the same time. So, here goes!  Thank you for reading my blog and following me through this amazing journey. Enjoy!

More to come tomorrow!

Mery Tekster